Ozone HEXA

Ozone HEXA

  • Tall fit hoodie
  • Soft & warm cotton fleece
  • Double lining adjustable drawstring
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  • 2 Years WARRANTY

Ozone HEXA

Ozone Hexa

Ozone Hexa Hoodie features a comfortable tall fit and is made with a soft and warm fabric.

Warm cotton/fleece lining, 320 gsm (Cotton: 80% - Polyester: 20%)

Double hood lining with adjustable drawstring.

Hood lining: 100% cotton, 260gsm

Tall fit

Tech Specs

  • Material: Warm cotton/fleece lining
  • Size: Tall fit
  • Hood lining: Adjustable Double hood lining
  • Fabric: Cotton: 80% - Polyester: 20%