Ocelote World Speed and Control

Speed and Control

When designing a mousepad for Ocelote, it all comes down to speed and control. That´s why we chose the low friction aluminum alloy material, to ensure a fast and accurate glide. This material not only makes the mousepad extremely durable, but also ensures a flawless tracking performance to get that extra bit of precision for both laser and optical mice.


OceloteWorld's mousepad is contructed with a smooth coated forged aluminum alloy material that will ensure a superb gaming experience with a flawless tracking performance.


The anti-slip rubber base provides a solid grip regardless of the surface the mousepad is on.

"We want to be ahead of the game and create cutting -edge peripherals. When designing this mousepad, I shared my thoughts about how the new-era gamer needs an accurate in-game peripheral response to his moves, and this mousepad was the answer. The outcome is simply stunning. Also, the synergy between this mousepad and Argon (oceloteWorld's mouse) can't get much better."

- Carlos ocelote Rodriguez

Tech Specs

  • Surface: Low Friction Aluminum Alloy
  • Base: anti-slip
  • Dimensions: 320 x 260 x 2 mm
  • Design: exclusive Ocelote world