Giants Pro

The Giants PRO mouspad is the result of the union of Ozone Gaming´s technology with the experience of a top european team like Giants. The technical specs of this surface make it perfect both for your setup, and to take it to your LAN partys. But if you are one of those who need more space, we also have the perfect mousepad for you: Giants EVO.

Microtexture fabric

Its microtexture fabric surface has been thermally treated, providing flawless precision for both laser and optical mice.

Rubber base

The base has been designed with the aim of keeping the mousepad fixed and preventing any displacement in the different types of surface where it is used.

Reinforced edges

Giants Pro features reinforced stitched edges, preventing any deterioration due to use and substantially increasing the life cycle of these mouepad.

Perfect for competition

The size of this mousepad is perfect for small spaces or for competitions where you do not know the space you´ll have.

Tech Specs

  • Surface: microfibre
  • Base: non-slip rubber base
  • Dimensions: 400 x 450 x 4 mm
  • Design: exclusive GIANTS
  • Edge: stitched