Ekho H80 Timeless design, made to last.

Design and Functionality

We have been developing and designing new products to reach a new level in our product line that perfectly fits every gamers needs with extreme gaming functionalities. We have asked our E-sports teams all over the world, what do they need? How would their favorite headset look like? What would they change and why.

The outcome is here, a new design era in ozone.

7.1 premium virtual sound*

Ekho H80 provides the finest audio immersion thanks to its 7.1 premium virtual sound. It doesn't matter where they are coming from, because you will always hear them. Our 7.1 Virtual Sound Technology will allow you to pinpoint where your enemy is located at an extremely high accuracy. Stop moving around. With the Ekho Headset you will know. Always.


* PS4: stereo sound compatible only

RGB Lighting

The backlight color can be chosen from 16.8 million potential color levels that will give you the special atmosphere that you need to get immersed into your favorite game.

Extra Comfortable Use

Its features ultra soft padded headband cushions and extra large earpads that provide a comfortable experience for long gaming sessions while isolating the users from surrounding noise. 

Retractable MIC

Ekho H80 offers a strong built in retractable microphone that will make your life easier. Just use it whenever you need it, and if you don't need it just make it invisible. Let's make gaming easier in every way.

Inline Controller*

Get control over everything. The slick inline controller allows you to adjust the volume or mute in seconds.

Eye catching visual design and a stylish OZONE LED lighting to create a unique environment in your gaming sessions.


* PS4: not compatible with inline controller

EKHO H80 Software

The perfect tool to make your game better is at hand. Enjoy our software where you can customize the most important functions and make your headset exclusive and unique.

You can control all audio and voice settings to fit your personal gaming style. Gamers will also enjoy the magic voice option included in this software to surprise your friends and have lots of fun while playing.

Tech Specs

  • Speaker

    • DimensionsΦ53mm
    • SoundVirtual surround 7.1
    • Impedance32Ω
    • Frequency response10Hz-20KHz
    • Max Input100mW
  • Microphone

    • DirectivityUni-directional
    • Frequency response50Hz-20KHz
    • DimensionsΦ6.0*2.7mm
    • RetractableYes
  • LED lights: Headphone & MIc (ON/OFF state)
  • Cable Length: 2M
  • Plug: USB
  • Weight: 380g
  • Compatibility: Win 7 / 8 / 10 / XP



  • Platino


    "Los Ozone EKHO H80 son unos excelentes cascos que nos han enamorado desde el primer momento, nada más verlos ya te das cuenta que tienes en tus manos un producto con una calidad tremenda y la sensación no hace más que mejorar según van pasando los días con ellos. Ozone promete un diseño muy cómodo para largas sesiones de uso y lo ha logrado con creces."

  • 4.5 (Planeta Gracza)

    4.5 (Planeta Gracza)

    "Headset Ekho H80 RGB to sprzęt naprawdę udany i wart swojej ceny. Za około 380 zł dostajemy mocny dźwięk z opcją wirtualnego 7.1, świetny mikrofon bez szumów i zakłóceń (opinie kilku osób, z którymi miałem przyjemność pograć/porozmawiać), dosyć dobre wyciszenie oraz rozbudowane i proste w obsłudze oprogramowanie. "

  • Editor's Choice (Funkykit)

    Editor's Choice (Funkykit)

    "The Ozone EKHO H80 gaming headset really stands out in its high level of comfort. Don’t be fooled in the design of the headset and its thick headband, it is surprisingly lightweight, and sits on your head super comfortably even during those long gaming sessions."