Blast Ocelote Diseño Exclusivo. Sonido Premium.

BLAST OceloteWorld 7.1 Virtual

Ozone´s product development team and Ocelote join forces to create, Blast OceloteWorld. Premium Headsets that bring together the most accurate sound, quality, design, durability, comfort and endurance, all you need for intense gaming sessions.

Blast Oceloteworld has been design by the clear vision of pro Gamer Ocelote in order to create the perfect professional Gaming Headset.

“When you can close your eyes in an fps shooter, and know exactly where every opponent is, then you know something is finally well done. Needless to say about listening to music or watching a film with them, mind-blowing. Blast Oceloteworld is one of the products I'm most excited about. Because I know everybody will love them.“

- Carlos "Ocelote" Rodríguez.

Compact, light and foldable.

High end protein & memory foam auto adjustable ear pads that fit comfortably in every situation. Designed using cutting-edge ergonomic technology. Foldable for an easier transport and more comfortable to storage.

Advanced Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

Thanks to Blast Ocelote´s advanced virtual 7.1 surround sound you will be able to experience a much deeper and thrilling gaming adventure. This cutting-edge audio technology is capable of simulating a 360⁰ surround sound experience without the need of incorporating additional positional drivers.

Auto mic Mute function

Quick and Simple. When the mic position is up it turns OFF automatically, when you move it down it automatically turns ON again. In both cases a LED light indicator will let you know the mic's state.

High Quality Metalic Headband inner structure

Blast OceloteWorld's main ingredients are "Quality & Design". The inner structure of the headband is reinforced with a strong metal to ensure durability while maintaining high levels of flexibility and movement.

Compatible with PS4 & PC

Whether you are a hard core PC gamer or if you also enjoy gaming on the PS4 console Blast oceloteWorld will fulfill your topmost requirements.

Tech Specs

  • Speaker

    • Dimensionsø44mm
    • SoundSurround 7.1
    • Impedance50 Ω
    • Frequency response100 ~ 10,000 Hz
    • Max Input100mW
  • Microphone

    • Impedance2.2k Ω
    • Sensitivity-42 +/- 3 dB
    • DirectivityOmnidirectional
    • Frequency response100 ~ 10,000 Hz
    • Dimensions6 x 2,7mm
  • LED lights: on earcups
  • Cable Length: 3 m
  • Plug: USB
  • Weight: 306 gr
  • Compatibility: PS4 & PC



  • Silver (HardwareMax)

    Silver (HardwareMax)

    "Optisch sowie technisch unterscheidet sich das Ozone Blast Ocelote World kaum vom vor kurzem getesteten Ozone Blast 4HX. Verarbeitung und Tragekomfort bewegen sich ebenfalls auf hohem Niveau."

  • 8 (GameZoom)

    8 (GameZoom)

    "Die Lautsprecher sind gut isoliert, um Außengeräusche in einem recht hohen Maß zu dämpfen."

  • Silver (HardwareInside)

    Silver (HardwareInside)

    "Nicht nur im Bereich des Gaming weis dieses Headset zu gefallen, auch konnte uns der Klang in Filmen und Musik überzeugen. Die vielen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten des Treibers sind ein zusätzliches Fine-Tuning, um noch mehr aus dem Headset herauszuholen."