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Opto is designed for those who prefer optical sensors rather than laser sensors. Our engineers have worked hard, shoulder to shoulder, with professional gamers to get the perfect balance between a low liftoff tracking distance and a flawless performance, making this mouse perfect for FPS (first person shooters) players.

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Radon Opto uses the Avago ADNS 3090 optical sensor, which goes up to 3500 dpi, offering the maximum accuracy for an optical mouse. This high performance sensor is based on a new and faster architecture with improved navigation. The sensor is capable of sensing high speed mouse motion for increased user precision and smoothness.

Blade side view

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The better you grab it, the better you play. That's why Radon Opto features extra-large buttons, ergonomic design and a rubberized body for easy grip and lateral reinforcement for optimum thumb grip. With a set of 5 x 4,5g extra weights, you can customize your mouse weight to make it perfect for your needs. Opto also comes with adjustable cable position, so you can decide where to set you mouse cable.

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Radon Opto allows you to set your own DPI level from 450 to 3500. You can change the sensitivity of your mouse simply by clicking a button. The sensitivity LED will show you the DPI level that you are using.

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Radon Opto features a built-in memory that allows you to set different macros for all buttons in 3 different profiles. You can also store all setups and drivers on the built-in memory. Glory is just a few clicks away. Reach it.

tech specs

  • Macro and Script functions
  • USB full speed
  • USB report rate with 4 selectable levels (1000 Hz Max.)
  • Hardware data saving technology
  • Included Software for personal configuration (Windows only)
  • Adjustable weight (includes 5x 4.5g weights).
  • Dimensions: 122.43(L) x 82.7(W) x 43.7(H) mm
  • Weight: 135 +/- 5 g (with cable and weights)
  • Cable length: 2 m
  • Power consumption: <100 mA



PC World: ""Opto, look stylé et sobre à la fois""

March 16, 2013

La Radon Opto d'Ozone tout comme sa grande sœur la Radon 5K nous a convaincu, son look stylé et sobre à la fois, son ergonomie et sa glisse parfaite font de cette souris orientée Gamer un choix judicieux.

Revioo: ""Radon Opto is a very good mouse for gamers""

July 18, 2012

Commercialisée à environ 45 euros, la Radon Opto d'Ozone nous a convaincu. Très sobre, elle jouit d'une bonne ergonomie, d'un capteur efficace et ne pose aucun problème en matière de glisse. Même s'il existe des souris avec capteur plus rapide, la "limitation" à 3500 DPI n'est selon nous pas un handicap puisque cette définition est largement suffisante même pour les jeux très rapides. Nous n'avons en tout cas rencontré aucune difficulté malgré les différents types de jeux essayés.

The Last Resort: ""Opto, Flawless performance""

March 15, 2012

The Ozone Radon Opto sailed through the features and situational test. Despite a couple of hiccups along the way these can be easily over come with further patience and perseverance. For a mid priced high DPI gaming mouse this is the one to go for. TLR could not recommend this enough as a spectacular edition to the Ozone gaming gear line. So taking everything into consideration this mouse receives an enormous 10/10. Flawless performance without breaking the bank deserves the prestige platinum award!

D22-Zone: ""Opto, Good job so far Ozone""

March 05, 2012

The build quality has been developed, re-developed, then talked upon, then re-developed again, then left for a while, then re-developed again. It’s truly epic that the new features do in-fact help the gaming experience. Good job so far Ozone.

Overclockingn-PC: ""Opto, reprend le meilleur de la Radon 5K""

January 24, 2012

Pour conclure, l'OPTO reprend le meilleur de la Radon 5K, une finition et une prise en main excellente mais cette fois-ci avec un capteur optique qui se révèle tout aussi précis que sa grande soeur. Les boutons gauches sont bien placés et le système de guidage du câble, très utile. Pour ce qui et de l'interface du logiciel de paramétrage je le trouve très sobre,cette souris seras exclusivement réserver Aux droitiers.

hardware HDblog: ""Opto, buona fattura e con prestazioni""

January 18, 2012

Avendo recensito diversi prodotti Ozone possiamo confermare che il nuovo mouse Ozone Radon Opto si muove nella stessa direzione; un prodotto curato nei particolari, di buona fattura e con prestazioni che possono soddisfare un’ampia categoria di videogiocatori.